Monday, February 18, 2013

Las Vegas Advertising

Not a lot of small Las Vegas business owners pay attention to reach and frequency. And sadly, even some las vegas advertising agencies fail to talk about reach and frequency when working with clients. So you may just have to get in there and figure things out for yourself. Because tracking both are the only way you'll have a nuts and bolts picture on how you're your advertising is working, and more importantly, which advertising methods are the best bang for your buck! Unfortunately, the above approach puts the cart before the horse.

Whether you're advertising in a local Las Vegas guide, online, through direct mail with Money Mailer, or on the radio and television, you need to calculate reach and frequency to identify which media is cheapest on your wallet, and then after the campaign has run, which produced the best results. For example, if you place an ad in a Las Vegas travel magazine that has a circulation (circulation is the same as reach) of 100,000 people and one advertisement costs you $3,500, then your cost per one thousand people would be $35.

Now, if you run an advertisement on Fox 5 News' 10pm broadcast alongside suave Darren Peck's weather report, and that ad placement costs $12,000 (random figures for illustrative purposes) and reaches 200,000 people, then your cost per one thousand would be $60. The above examples with hypothetical dollar and reach amounts help to illustrate how you can turn advertising expenses into an apples to apples comparison. But keep in mind, as any Las Vegas advertising agency will tell you, a lower per thousand amount doesn't mean you should rule out more expensive advertising – if your response rates are a lot higher in one form of advertising over another, than you've picked a winning horse!

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